Friday, June 15, 2018

Really unpleasant article about Uncle Jim, James Johnston, hero of King's Mountain, in the NCpedia. Tone is, well, snotty.

This is what I just sent to the NCpedia.

Haydon Asbury is a trifle snarky about my uncle Jim, Colonel James Johnston. He was merely "alleged" to have fought at King's Mountain? My GGGG Grandfather Robert Knox (pension application S8803) says explicitly that he, Grandpa Knox, was not at King's Mountain because Johnston (he does not say his brother-in-law) had sent him off, probably back to camp for something--and if you were a little tardy you missed the hour-long battle. It is very clear in his phrasing that Colonel Johnston WAS at the battle of King's Mountain, and it was a sore point at the age of 90 that Robert Knox had missed out because of being sent off to do something or get something.
Asbury should have counted children a little longer. There were several, not 2, and among them Will was a very prominent man with even more prominent sons and grandsons.
You don't want to be snarky in the NCpedia.

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