Saturday, June 30, 2018

The only thing in the modern world we thought was free with the program was Microsoft Word

Last night after watching the moving but very unsatisfactory DUNKIRK I came down to work on inputting corrections to line numbers in CLAREL (a problem if you start with Walt's numbers or if you have trouble getting above 99) and found that my 40-some page file had been frozen and had to be activated if I was to be able to work on it. You have heard the expression to have someone over the barrel?
$99.99 later, with hand held and guided all the way by the disembodied "Michael," I was able to access the file. If I live another 10 years and they don't raise the rates for Office in the meantime . . . .
Having been so terrified, I slept half an hour later than I ever do . . . .

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