Saturday, June 2, 2018

Airbnb neighbor worst yet--5 motorcycle guests, all smokers

On the beach I gave my great encouraging speech to a 31 year old man, smoking, with a 3 year old daughter and his mother, and took away his lighted cigarette, of course. Then as soon as I got in the car the phone call came warning me about the thugs on the street. When I was two blocks away I had the chance to take them all out one at a time but it would have messed up my 11 year old Honda Civic Si with only 26,000 miles on it, and in fact they did not rev up their engines until they were a block west, heading for Hwy 1. Had to wash my right hand several times to get the nicotine off it. HAR immediately thought about Charlie, who did stop because of me, and lived 20 years until he died of lung cancer. Maybe the young man on the beach . . . .

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