Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Erroneous Terminology in a Standard Book Can Corrupt Many Later Accounts

The quotation below is Wikipedia; there are many other similar statements.
Characteristics of migrants

Historian James N. Gregory examined Census Bureau statistics and other records to learn more about the migrants. Based on a 1939 survey of occupation by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics of about 116,000 families who arrived in California in the 1930s, he learned that only 43 percent of southwesterners were doing farm work immediately before they migrated. Nearly one-third of all migrants were professional or white-collar workers.The poor economy displaced more than just farmers as refugees to California; many teachers, lawyers, and small business owners moved west with their families during this time. After the Great Depression ended, some moved back to their original states. Many others remained where they had resettled. About one-eighth of California's population is of Okie heritage.

 "Southwesterner" as I showed in a recent post is James N. Gregory's Politically Correct term for Okies (which would include immigrants from other south-central states) in AMERICAN EXODUS. Okies were not southwesterners. I can't find that anyone called them that in the 30s. Look at for "southwesterner" and mainly you find sports teams. Nor (to look at Gregory's later THE SOUTHERN DIASPORA) is Arkansas in the Great Plains. Well, Steinbeck never dared to go to Oklahoma. Why should historians?

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