Sunday, April 10, 2016

William Faulkner had to explain the word "toll"--well, Uncle Brasher Henderson uses it in 1841

In Greenville, SC Reuben Smith (on Horsepen Creek, near S. Gilbert's Store in the neighborhood of Clear Spring Church) toles before me one small chesnut sorrel MARE, 5 years old last Spring, with a small star in the forehead, a small dent on the right side of the head, very reel footed in the hind feet, about 13 hands high, apparently almost blind. Appraised at ten dollars, by John Higgins, John Cox, and H. L. Henderson, sworn Appraisers, this 7th August 1841. [signed by] BRASHER HENDERSON, J. Q.

--Aug. 13

Spelled "toles."

[Brasher's father, Revolutionary soldier Ezekiel, is still alive there in Greenville.]

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