Sunday, April 17, 2016

272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown. What Does It Owe Their Descendants? New York Times‎ - 1 day ago The grave of Cornelius Hawkins, one of 272 slaves sold by the Jesuits in 1838 to help keep what is now Georgetown University afloat.

The NEW YORK TIMES article is remarkable in many ways. One is that it depends on oldfashioned documentary research (as expedited by the Internet) and not DNA.
I checked the Katharine Jackson. The good news is that she did not encounter storms and have loss of life on the way to New Orleans. She had a short trip, according to the Picayune--11 days--and "master" means the master of the port, I assume.

"Ship Katharine Jackson 11ds fm Georgetown, D C to master"

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