Friday, April 22, 2016

Bravest, Sanest Act of the Year: Virginia governor enables 200,000 felons to vote in November

Hurray for Terry McAuliffe and blessings on him!

I have not known a lot of convicted felons but I knew one in Delaware whom Pete DuPont had pardoned--I think a very unusual act. Any pardoning was one at a time, and for extraordinary cause. Mike was one of the finest men I knew.

Think of 200,000 people who had served their time and been released only to live with the shame of felon on them preventing them from getting jobs they were qualified for, year after year. This is a movement long overdue, and hurray for McAuliffe, again, for taking the lead so boldly and mercifully.

And who was McAuliffe's Republican opponent in the race for governor of the Commonwealth?
Republican Ken Cuccinelli II
Voting matters.
"McAuliffe won a contest in which many voters said they were voting for the Democrat mainly to take a stand against Cuccinelli, 45, whom McAuliffe portrayed as driven by faith and political philosophy to absolutist positions against abortion rights, same-sex marriage, higher taxes and a larger government role in health care." Faith? No, bigotry.
Voting matters.

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