Thursday, April 14, 2016

An imperfect transcription from Daniel Moore's Bible--NB black woman who died in 1810

Spelling sic
This is from the Globe in Burke [Caldwell} Co. NC.

Mary Stone wife to Elijah Stone decese this life in the year of Lord March
16 1787
Rachel Moore wife to Daniel Moore decest this life in the year of our Lord
March 4 1809
Millie a black woman died March(?) 22 1810
Elijah Stone decest on April 23 1813
William Carrall decest January 18 1826
Ally Moore wife of Jesse Moore Sen. decest the 27November 1826.
Mary Carrell wife of Wm Carrell decest the 12 Dec 1828 (maybe 1826, very
Nancy Parkes daughter of ? Moore decest the 26th day of ? about half past 4
o'clock in the evening 1826 (may be 1828, extremely faded)

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