Monday, April 4, 2016

My Cousin the Author, James Daniel Moore--Female Soldier in Civil War

Raleigh MORNING POST (11 February 1900)
A Woman [Matilda Blalock] Becomes a Soldier of Col. Zeb. Vance's Regiment--Afterwards a Bushwhacker in the Ranks of the Enemy--A Hero of the Pickett Assault Finds the Man Who Wounded Him--They Become Fast Friends

The author of this story, Cousin James, was the grandson of Jesse Moore who was attacked by this woman's husband the Bushwhacker Keith Blalock. Cousin Jesse, James's grandfather, was shot in the foot (the heel, someone else says) and repaid the Bushwhacker: "Jesse Moore shot Keith Blalock's eye out. Moore used the ball-and-buck-shot cartridge, and the shot are still in Blalock's head. The shooting of Keith Blalock saved the Moore party, and the raiders carried him off on one of the horses in the stable. . . . . After this fight Keith Blalock and his wife, Matilda, went to Colorado or Montana, but have returned to North Carolina."
 Cousin on my father's side--but one of the Costners came to his funeral, Cousin Jonas Costner.

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