Wednesday, January 11, 2017

THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY in stock at Amazon on January 16

Amazon says they will have stock of THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY on January 16th in advance of the official January 24th publication date. I have read the advance copy provided by Lauren Miklos at Encounter Books and will see if Amazon will let me post a review prior to publication. I do have a copy on order from Amazon, so they should not mind that I am reviewing proofs. The book is not a relentless narrative, a terrifying thriller like UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, the 2007 book by the same men, KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr., but a heartbreakingly depressing history of how academics and bureaucrats (some out of honorable motives) have shredded English common law and the American Constitution in the process of using false allegations to destroy the present lives and the futures of many young men.

This is a cautious, painstaking look at dozens of cases in many different states. The appalling evidence is that the American universities and politicians learned nothing from the efforts to railroad three innocent Duke lacrosse players into 30 years in prison. In fact, young college men are much more vulnerable now than in 2006.

I will comment further on this book, painful as it is to someone who voted twice for the outgoing President and voted multiple times for the outgoing Vice President for 2 high offices. I thought Obama's legacy would be marred most by his letting himself be played by Susan Collins and others in his first months, when he had a majority in Congress and foolishly thought the opposition would cooperate with him for the good of the country. The legacy of Obama and Biden will be marred by their support of the extreme changes to Title IX.

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