Sunday, January 1, 2017

Accosting a little woman who had been sitting on a dune

Yesterday the beach was crowded even at high tide so I went in the dunes, but without a plastic bag for trash gathering. I put a beer bottle and beer can in a spot where they would be visible and went on. Toward where Highway 41 ends there was much trash, including a torn plastic bag in which were kitchen implements, paring knives, several can openers, one with a church key at one end and the lid-cutting mechanism at the other, all rusty, several pounds worth. There was too much to carry, nearby, so I will return. On the way back north, I took a chance on finding a bag near the water so crossed over, more disreputable looking than usual, even, with torn bag in hand. In my hopeful way I stopped the little woman who was moving away at my approach and asked her if she had a plastic bag. She had, in fact, a tiny purse with her, maybe 8 x 6 inches. Once she saw that I was on the pick-up brigade she opened her purse and took out a neatly and loosely tied up clean bag with handles, untied it and held it open for me to bag my bag. "I had two," she said. The clean up brigade does not wear uniforms. There are ways of recognizing each other.
We will see how much trash is left today.
Now, in the bag was an aluminum garlic press with perforations built in, unlike the one we have with the removable disc that wants to get lost. It was perfect. I knocked off the sand and took it away then cleaned it first and put it in the dishwasher. It looks a little smaller than the old one. Garlic toast for New Year's breakfast?
I have copied 9,000 ORNERY PEOPLE files to an external drive already this morning. Progress on ORNERY PEOPLE in 2017. That's the plan.

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