Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Refunds when Cats or Husbands Die

We used to give away cat food after Scalini decided abruptly that her favorite whitefish or tuna was no longer edible. Now on doctor's orders she is stuck with a mixture from 2 particular cans. One store lets you buy a month's supply and will take back any unused cans if the cat dies before they are opened. Every 2 years or so I go to Big 5 and buy 5 or 6 pair of running shoes. They are all flat soled now and I have slipped in the mud on the beach and fallen a couple of times. It's time to go to Big 5. I am not going to buy one pair of new running shoes, but what if I don't wear out the 5 or 6 that a buy? Any store offering a partial refund? Pro-rating?
My decision to buy my last car in 2007 looks wise. 25,000 miles now. Another 25,000 miles might do it, and it will still be worth something. You know it's an old man's last car because it is red.

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