Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Bit of Confirmation on "transforming while revising" from Maurice Sendak

For reasons connected to starting ORNERY PEOPLE, I am looking at old diaries. On 18 January 1994, during the worst ice storm in the Mid-Atlantic, I fed the birds and even fed a bushy tailed brown fox in the yard. I was putting to great use the product of the grubbiest of research. "Exalted--wrote a great about Knights & Squires as partly derived from that night in Newark 2 Nov 44 [when HM heard Gansevoort's great speech] . . . I put GM with his golden banner in the 1 Nov parade then went to library and found the speech in the Herald. I used "mighty earthly marchings" in connection to Torchlight Procession. Called MS, who understood me completely--said this "transforming while revising" = 'the payoff.'"

I can't tell you how I miss such encouragement.

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