Sunday, August 28, 2016

Under the Wall--Trump's about-face backtracking on his flip-floping somersault

BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Jorge, you have been outspoken about this issue. What's your answer to Trump's shifting position?
JORGE RAMOS: Who knows what he's thinking about the deportation, possibly leaning toward the deportation force, he's backtracking on his flip-flop. I honestly think that Donald Trump is in panic mode with Latinos, I think he realized too late, Brian, that he cannot win the White House without Latinos, and I have seen the latest polls, Univision says that he might get 19 percent of the Latino vote, and Mitt Romney, with 27 percent, lost the election. So I think he's realizing that he can't win Nevada, Colorado, Florida, without Latinos. You know, almost a year ago he expelled me from a press conference after I told him that he couldn't deport 11 million people. Now, just think about it, it's the largest mass deportation in U.S. history. Maybe some people are telling him that it is impossible. It is not only impossible, it would be inhumane. And now he wants to take that back, well I think the damage has been done already. [CNN, Reliable Sources, 8/28/1

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