Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders's Decline from Principle into Abysmal Pettiness

What kind of man tries with all the resources at his command to destroy a terrific young woman?
Debbie Wasserman Schultz will remain in the House of Representatives, I trust, despite the flailings of an elderly misogynist who started out idealistic, by mid-April had let the roar of his fans convince him he was deserving of the world's adulation and became himself so puffed up with self-adulation that he lost the chance to help the Democratic Party in the national election and seems to have no concern with down-ballot candidates except the one he determined to crush to earth. Shame, shame, you petty old man. If Trump is elected, Sanders will be to blame more than the third party candidates and I have a strong feeling that he will take pride in that result of the election. Vanity and self-delusion and a Javert-like determination to destroy his victim. After Philadelphia in April, his character was gone.

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