Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jill Stein -- determined to elect Trump. More self-adoring than Sanders!

The nation is paying more attention to the Green Party this year in large part because of the worry — or hope — that disappointed Sanders supporters will flock to Stein and sap the Democratic Party of strength, possibly tipping the election in Trump’s favor. Recent polls have Stein at 4 or 5 percent nationally in a four-way race, and one poll had the party capturing some 16 percent of voters under 30.
Stein would be the first to tell you that Greens are taking a huge chunk of Sanders voters. In her acceptance speech Saturday, she sought to play up the partnership, telling the crowd that it was an “honor to be running in alliance with the Bernie Sanders movement that I now hear as ‘berning green!’”
At the DNC, she said, “The City of Brotherly Love was overrun by love and revolution, as the Bernie or Bust movement declared independence from the Democratic Party, and merged with our campaign in rally after rally, growing stronger by the hour,” though protests had actually seemed to taper off as the Democratic convention went on. It also seems strange for Stein to embrace the term “Bernie or Bust.” Is voting for Stein what it means to “go bust?”

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