Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Krugman's "false equivalency" at Work--Parag from SALON

Digby in SALON:
It’s already happening with the State Department emails which have been gathered by right-wing organizations for the express purpose of feeding the scandal machine. You can see the outlines of how the mutually reinforcing feedback loops works from Sunday’s “Face the Nation” in which Rep. Jason Chaffetz cites a discredited AP report about the Clinton Foundation as proof of corruption and promises thorough investigations in the next congress. Likewise, on “Meet the Press,” in which Clinton’s speech condemning Trump’s incestuous relationship with the alt-right was presented as equivalent to Trump’s incestuous relationship with the alt-right and characterized it as a “race to the bottom.”

On Chris Matthews, Michael Steele said that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were going "hand in hand" into the mire. Why? Because Trump had plunged into the mire and Hillary posted shots of Trump saying ugly things from the mire. To denounce real evil is as nasty as to act evilly, in Steele's head. Remember, he is a Republican, no matter how cool he has appeared in recent months, until now.

It's a fact that in our society now when you point out that someone has lied about you (and give the evidence) you are accused of being just as bad as the liar. This is "in-fighting." Every point of view is equal. CNN does it all the time. MSNBC does it less often.

I still have kept my mind pure of Kellyanne Conway--not a word of her defence of Trump have I allowed to defile  me. When will she be fired?

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