Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In 1846, at around 92, Cousin Rebecca Remembers the Guns at King's Mountain

I should have checked Fold3 first. The "your District" in the pension transcription should have been York District, right below King's Mountain. I will correct it here.

This to me is like Falstaff's saying to Master Shallow that they have heard the chimes at midnight.

In 1847 at about 92 Cousin Rebecca remembers the Guns at King’s Mountain. They fired only for one hour, except for scattered followup.

She further declares that she was married to the said Alexander Copeland in the year 1777 by John Tigert Justice of the Peace at the Cowpens by agreement: That most of her husband’s services was performed after the marriage: That a circumstance she well recollects was that when the guns were firing in the battle at Kings Mountain she was at her father in law's house Mr. Charles Copeland, in York District South Carolina, about three miles from Broad River, and that one of her husband’s brothers had this Declarant’s second child in his arms in the yard and called this Declarant to come and hear the guns.

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