Friday, June 19, 2015

Early This Week, Before all Charleston was Grieving

On the 17th my copy arrived of Jean Stephenson's SCOTCH-IRISH MIGRATION TO SOUTH CAROLINA, 1772. These were 5 shiploads of Scottish Protestant economic and religious refugees from northern Ireland. On the FREE MASON was my several times grandfather William Coapling (soon spelled Copeland), who as granted 350 acres on the south side of Broad River on People's Creek of Cherokee Creek, and there was his brother Charles, and other family members. Charles's daughter in law Rebecca, Alexander's wife, took refuge at his house in York County in October 1780 and from there for an hour heard guns which they learned were the guns at King's Mountain. Rebecca remembered the sounds in 1847 in her extreme old age. William Jr. was a Patriot captain and his cousin Alexander was a Patriot private. In his will Alexander assigned slaves, including one named Adam, to different ones of his children. You think the story ends there? No. A handsome youngish part white, part black South Carolina professor named Copeland, a descendant of Adam, has been looking for one of our white male Copelands to take a DNA test because he wants to know if he walks around with more than the Copeland name. Nothing is over. And where does Debbie Dills live? In Gastonia, near where several of the kinfolks signed the Tryon "Association" in 1775 and where many of their descendants still live. Debbie spotted the murderer near King's Mountain. Nothing is really understood, and nothing is over. Dozens of us died for that flag they are arguing about today. Look, if you dare, at the many family cemeteries in Lauderdale County, Alabama. It's time to take down the Stars and Bars.

P.S. No, nothing is understood and nothing is over: 
Perry calls Charleston shootings an 'accident'
Dallas Morning News - ‎1 hour ago‎
Rick Perry says the president will use the shootings to push an anti-gun agenda.
Rick Perry calls Charleston church shooting an 'accident'
Rick Perry calls Charleston shootings an “accident” - oops

Chris Christie Suggests That Changing Gun Laws Won't Stop Violence

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