Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1835 Bureaucracy Gone Mad--Uncle Brasher Henderson Swears for Peden and McDaniel swears for Brasher

Alexander Peden S21417 was born in Ireland in 1756 and was living in the Spartanburg District of SC when the Revolution broke out. He served five tours the Patriot cause and was injured more than once. He waited until 1835 to apply for a pension. When he did, James Alexander vouched for him and Brasher Henderson vouched that it was the real James Alexander who had done the couching. Then J. McDaniel vouched that Brasher Henderson really was an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the District of Greenville and that his signature was genuine.

The process at worst allowed for fraud, venality, and display of personal arrogance on a massive scale, and at best it allowed for this sort of identifying the identifier.

I noticed this because Brasher Henderson was one of my uncles, son of my GGGG Grandfather Ezekiel Henderson S6994, who in 1835 still had a decade to live.

Brasher was the maiden name of his mother, Elizabeth Brasher Henderson, whose father was a Tory and whose brothers were Tories. Her older sister Sarah was the wife of Dr. John Pyle, Jr., who with several Brasher families fled to Greenville, SC, after the war, Ezekiel accompanying them out of love for Elizabeth. One-eyed, one hand messed up, Uncle John Pyle soon moved on to KY and then Illinois, pursued by his reputation as one of the Tory leaders at Pyle's Hacking Party in 1781. The name "Brasher" seems not to have held this uncle back in his life in Greenville.

No one swore for McDaniel, so we know there are limits to Bureaucracy.

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