Thursday, April 23, 2015

GGGGGG Grandpa Solomon Sparks. Is Alan Cumming right or is he fantasizing?

Alan Cumming: "It was quite an eerie feeling to be recognizing traits in myself from a dead man." Everyone who appears on an ancestry show like WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? says something comparable.

In the Yadkin valley, James Wall says a third of the people were Whigs, a third Tories, and a third uncommitted. Because the Tory Bryant was not psychotic like Fanning, who operated to the east and south, and because William Coyle and Samuel Jones were not the subject of stories, I tend to minimize the power of the Tories on the Yadkin. This testimony from George Parks S28457, a young whippersnapper when old Solomon Sparks fought him, as an old man remembers.

Solomon Sparks survived the war, although he lost some or all of his land. He had been there since the 1750s. He fought bravely without arms and considerably injured young Parks by kicking him. "He was sent down the Yadkin in a Canoe. After tied hand and foot on his back he repeatedly hollowed "hurra for King George"--

My only Tory ancestor? The younger Sparks men were Whigs, and fighters for Independence. It was generational there.

Ashamed? No, proud of the old man. Tied and and feet, supine in the canoe, he still yelled out, over and over, "hurra for King George." Who says character gets thinned down after a few generations?

I dream of myself bound head and foot in the bottom of a canoe shouting, "Hurrah for the creative process! Hurrah for documentary research! Hurrah for author's first intention!"

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