Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bernie Reeves on "the guilt of Duke president Richard Brodhead"

I had my own deep sadness four years before the false accusations which led to the great Duke Hoax--Richard Brodhead blackened my reputation as a scholar by lying about me in the New York Times in June 2002, saying that only I in my "black hole" had ever heard that Melville finished a book in 1860 called POEMS. Of course, everyone had known about the book since 1922. This was followed by Andrew Delbanco's echo with an improvement, that I could be trusted nowhere because of this invention. What Richard Brodhead did as a reviewer presaged what he would do as President of Duke.

April 16, 2015
'60 Minutes' and the Duke Lacrosse Scandal
By Bernie Reeves

CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired a segment April 12, 2015 following up with former Duke lacrosse coach Mike Pressler, who was unfairly forced to resign in 2006. He was a sacrificial lamb to assuage the mob, led by radical professors, screaming for the heads of the three lacrosse players accused of raping a black stripper. As the world knows, the players were exonerated after proof was established the charges had no basis in fact. The players successfully sued Duke and were awarded a multi-million dollar settlement. Coach Pressler, who has since coached lacrosse for Bryant College in for Delaware, was also awarded a settlement -- and additional compensation by successfully suing Duke for libel.

While “60 Minutes” developed a rational view of the case in the latter stages of the lacrosse player news cycle, the network and its affiliates jumped early on the bandwagon of media outlets certain the players were guilty of charges brought by a prostitute.

Although “60 Minutes” deserves some credit for following up on the lacrosse coach in the aftermath of his inexcusable firing nine years ago, it was a disingenuous ploy to cloak the real story: How does Richard Brodhead remain as president of Duke? He abandoned his own students to the politically-correct, class-warfare jackals in the faculty and the Durham community. He tacitly supported the charges brought by delusional Durham district attorney Mike Nifong, designed to ruin the lacrosse players by innuendo. He canceled the lacrosse season and fired the coach in an attempt to stain the game with class guilt by association.

Imagine how you would react as a parent of a male Duke student deserted by the institution that accepted him, on the word of an unstable accuser, a dishonest district attorney, and a biased media. Yet Brodhead, the real culprit in the case for allowing the accusations to stain the school and the lacrosse players, has sailed on unscathed. Former lacrosse coach Mike Pressler's anguish does not exceed the guilt of Duke president Richard Brodhead.

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