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Did anyone else take longer than 2 months to die specifically from an injury at King's Mountain?


                                                                                              Mar., 1752
Wilkes County
North Carolina, USA
Death: Dec. 31, 1780
Burke County
North Carolina, USA

Pension application of Thomas Biecknell (Beicknell, Bicknell) R12399 Rachel (Rachael)f15NC
Transcribed by Will Graves 8/27/10 rev'd 9/3/13
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State of South Carolina
District of Pickens: SS

On this third day of Dec. 1845, personally appeared before William D Steele Judge of the Court of Ordinary for the District & State aforesaid, Mrs. Rachel Biecknell of the District & State aforesaid, aged eighty-eight years the 12th Instant, (& who the said Ordinary certifies is unable by bodily infirmity to attend in open Court) who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the third section of the Act of Congress of the 4th of Jul. 1836.

That she is the widow of Thomas Biecknell who was a private & Lieutenant in the war of the Revolution, that she was married to the said Thomas Bricknell when in her seventeenth year, & she thinks when she had three children, her said husband entered the service under Captain Richard Allen, who was afterwards, Colonel, that they then resided in Wilkes Co., North Carolina & her said husband there entered the first time, & was not much at home until the close of the war, that he was at one time a volunteer & at other times drafted, & was a considerable portion of the time a Lieutenant, that she is sure he was a Lieutenant under Captain Allen at the siege at Charleston, that he marched much through North & South Carolina, & served at various times under Captain Lanore [sic, probably William Lenoir], Colonel Cleveland [probably Benjamin Cleveland]1 & Colonel Hearne [sic, probably Benjamin Hearn], but it is impossible for her to state the particulars of his service at her advanced age.

That her husband the said Thomas Biecknell was wounded with an ounce ball in his hip in the Battle at Kings Mountain, with which wound he died, he was carried to Burke Co. near Morganton, to the house of Mrs. Bowman, where declarant went & waited upon him with his wound eleven weeks, at the end of which time he died. She does not know of any documentary evidence, or any evidence of any kind that she can certainly get to prove his services, but thinks an indent may have been issued to her for his services, & she recollects to have tried to get something, & thinks she did get a small sum, but does not know how.

That she was married to the said Thomas Biecknell in Wilkes Co., North Carolina by Squire Riggs, & she believes on the 22nd of Oct., as she thinks, in the year 1774, as she had three children when her husband entered the service, & when his service closed entirely she had five children & four months & fifteen days after his death her sixth child, Mary, was born, her said daughter Mary married David Roper, & she now lives with her, & on their charity. She has no record of her marriage, nor of the births of her children, they were published in church as the custom was in those days to be married, that her husband the aforesaid Thomas Biecknell died on the 31st day of Dec. 1780, & that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof herewith forwarded.
S/ Rachel Biecknell, X her mark
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year above written before S/ William D Steele, Judge

[p. 6: on Sept. 22, 1851 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina, Sarah Gray, "an old & respectable lady" gave testimony that she knew Thomas Biecknell well & heard & believes that he was a soldier of the revolution; that she lived in his immediate neighborhood & knows that he was a considerable time in the service of his country; that she had a brother in the battle of Kings Mountain & recollects often of hearing her brother say that Thomas Biecknell was also in that battle & was badly wounded in his hip & never recovered; that her brother assisted in bringing Biecknell home from the battle of Kings Mountain; that she (Sarah) does not know her exact age but that her oldest child is 62 years old & that she thinks she was near 20 years old when her oldest child was born; that she thinks Thomas Biecknell was in several battles during the war.]

1 Randall Becknell suggests that this veteran may have fought under Captain John Cleveland at the Battle of Fishing Creek Aug. 18, 1780. Since the widow states that the veteran was wounded at Kings Mountain (Oct. 7, 1780) & died from this wound in Dec. 1780 & since both Col. Benjamin Cleveland & Capt. John Cleveland are listed by Bobby Gilmer Moss in his Kings Mountain Patriots roster, it is entirely possible that this veteran served under both Benjamin & John Cleveland at Kings Mountain.

[p. 7: On Sept. 22, 1851 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina, Captain Benjamin Parks, "an old & respectable Citizen" gave testimony that he knew Thomas Biecknell; that he believes that he was in the battle at Kings Mountain, was wounded there, brought home on a horse litter & died from his wound; He (Benjamin) states that he was born in Virginia but came to Wilkes Co. as a young boy & knew Thomas & Rachel Biecknell before they left the County & heard of their marriage.]

[p 13: On Sept. 25, 1851 in McDowell Co., North Carolina Martha McKenzie gave testimony that she was well acquainted with Thomas & Rachel Biecknell; that Rachel was a Sparks; that she has heard that Thomas was wounded at the battle of Kings mountain, carried to Mrs. Bowman's in Burke Co. near Morganton where he died from his wound. She signed her affidavit with her mark.]

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*Calculated relationship

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