Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Moral Wishy-Washiness of Orville Dewey--1857 N Y Tribune

Here I was minding my own business looking in newspapers for articles on Bleeding Kansas when I came upon this article in Greeley's TRIBUNE 4 April 1857. I knew I was in the good company of Frederick Douglass's October 1844 LIBERATOR in calling Dewey out as a Time-Server. I took strong stands against him in my biography of Melville and especially in the 2nd Norton Critical Edition of THE CONFIDENCE-MAN. Here is a section of this terrific analysis from Greeley's paper. Poor Melville knew what he knew but had to live with his father-in-law's intimacy with this contemptible man.
Think about Melville listening to this man preach Shaw's funeral oration.

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