Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everyone's granddaughter should be "great" & "beautiful and really well-mannered"! Twelfth Night--better than Henry IV as directed by Richard Eyre

Twelfth Night presented by Santa Monica College

October 11, 2013
The theatrical production of the well-known Shakespeare play Twelfth Night had its first preview performance yesterday at Santa Monica College. The comedy was about a shipwrecked girl disguising herself as a young man and served under Duke Orsino. It was also about the love triangle between Viola, Olivia and Duke Orsino. The play will go on until October 20, 2013.
They won some great laughs from the audience when some of the characters sang modern songs with the original lyrics from the play. Ryan Haberfeld (Malvolio) was a really great actor, he won the most laughs from the audience. He tiptoed and talked like a steward. He was hilarious when he stood a step higher than Maria and yelled at her. Akua Parker (Olivia) and Rossi-Anne Jaffe (Maria) were great, as well. Olivia was beautiful and really well-mannered and Maria was really deceptive and luring.
Jonathan Driegert, the actor who played Sir Toby was not convincing as a drunkard. The only thing that suggested he was drunk was the bottle in his hand. He acted like he was sober all throughout the play until the very last scene, but by then the play was already over. Tiana Randall-Quant, the actress who played Viola was too nervous. She acted like she was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, scared of where she was and everyone around her. She was terrified from the very beginning to the very end, especially when Olivia pulled off her veil and they met for the very first time, she acted like there was a giant wart on Olivia's face and she was terrified to even look at her. She also forgot to fall in love with Duke Orsino, instead she was terrified of him and so she looked like a gold digger in the end.
It is understandable that some of the actors can be very nervous to be on stage for the first time, and they will definitely enjoy their characters more and not afraid to get out of their shells in the upcoming shows.
Tickets for “Twelfth Night” are available by calling (310) 434-4319.

Well, good for Akua!  I played Cassio in 1957 at the Richmond, California, Community Theatre. It's a rich experience, playing Shakespeare. She'll have it now, all her life.

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