Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bureaucrats Screw up Pension Application of an 85 Yr Old Revolutionary Vet--Sound Familiar?

Let's moan a moment about what the fool bureaucrats did to Patrick McElyea (Rev. Pension application S2789 as transcribed by the heroic Will Graves). The Regulators vs Tryon was in 1771; it was a wipeout, Governor Tryon triumphant. It was not during the Revolution . . . . but there was a much bigger battle in the Revolution, near the same place, as everyone but a bureaucrat would have known.

Patrick McElyea applied in October 1834 while he was 83 years old.

In 1836 he is still trying to get his pension.

From Jackson County Alabama on 21 May 1836 he writes to the Bureaucrat of all Bureaucrats, J. L. Edwards:

Sir I have lately received a note from you informing me that my claim was set aside under the supposition that the Alamance battle that I was in that I gave an account of in my declaration was fought between General [i.e., Governor] Tryon and the regulators. Sir, by comparing this with my declaration you will see at once that you are mistaken. Sir, when the Tryon battle was fought my father and family of which I was one was about moving from Pennsylvania to Carolina we met several of the regulators getting away as we moved. The battle I believe was fought in June. Sir, the Alamance battle that I was in was fought about 3 miles from the Haw River--it was fought with part of the forces of Cornwallis. Tarleton commanded the party we fought . . . .

McElyea goes on with infinite patience before concluding:

Sir, I dislike putting you to so much trouble but take my papers through another examination and you will without doubt see your mistake.

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