Monday, October 21, 2013

Akua Parker still in makeup as Olivia in TWELFTH NIGHT at Santa Monica College 19 October 2013

The last performance was the Sunday 20 October 2013 matinee. She was wonderful.

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  1. Hershel Parker This is a girl who last spring heard a woman pleading for her life, heard gunshots, and abandoned her laptop and her wallet and fled the Santa Monica College library. You know the story of the rampage from the news. Who would have thought that a young girl after that horror could have shown her bravery by trying out for a Shakespearean play a few weeks into the next semester, and playing Olivia? If she were my GGGG Grandmother she would qualify for treatment in ORNERY PEOPLE. I think of the part Choctaw, part Cherokee, and part white GGGGGG Grandmother of this girl who in the 1840s harnessed her ox to a wagon in Yallabusha County and set off to find her family somewhere in northwest Arkansas. Maybe I should designate the actress as an honorary Ornery Person.