Thursday, October 3, 2013

No more Non-Apology Apologies: Here's a Model Letter for Richard Brodhead and other Practitioners of the Non-Apology Apology.


Colo. Edmon Fanning. Whereas I have been active in publishing and spreading

a certain piece of wrighting of a scandelous & Defameing nature agains' thee,

for the Doing of which I am rely sorry and beg thy pardon; and sence thee

commenc a sute against me for it, I have been three times at or near they

house in order to make up with thee: but was prevented by thy being from home

and had not bodily disorders prevented, I should have waited on thee at this

time in order to have give thee the best satisfaction I could, but was taken

very ill yester Day with a vomiting and purging and beging thy forgivness

intending if God doth Inable me to behave better for the futer - giving under

my hand this seventeenth of march 1766.

Present John Carter

This is the Dr. Pyle who later suffered at the hands of Light Horse Harry Lee, the father of Robert E. Lee.

P. S. This was posted before I found out that Dr. Pyle's son, Dr. John Jr., is my Uncle John, husband of my GGGG Aunt Sarah Brashear. Well, that's the trouble with looking on the Internet. I was just looking at Pyle because the old man had been a Regulator, like my GGGGG Grandfather Argulus Hercules Henderson. Then to see that Argulus's Patriot son Ezekiel was the brother in law of young Dr. Pyle!!! No wonder young Dr. Pyle went to Kentucky and Ezekiel went with the Brashear men to Greenville, South Carolina.

As my triple cousin Lois Gore says, in the South if you are not kin you are connected.

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