Monday, May 9, 2016

Surviving North Carolina's Hateful Ted-Cruz Inspired Temporary Panic--Wash Post comment

Hershel Parker
6:49 AM PST
At some point I have to go back to North Carolina to see Uncle Jim's big brass plaque at King's Mountain again and see which family places are not under Lake Norman. I am much relieved at believing I will never have to share a bathroom with Ted Cruz or (worse) one he has just been in, but I can wait until the Charlotte ordinance is restored. The Charlotte area always was the most progressive. Look at the Tryon Resolves which several of my folks signed, among whom were 2 of David Dellinger's and my Dellingers. Remember the subtitle of Cousin David's book: THE LIFE STORY OF A MORAL DISSENTER. It's time for the rest of the state to catch up with Charlotte, genuinely the home of the MecDec.

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