Monday, May 2, 2016

Cousin Jesse W. Sparks--When Terry's Rangers were formed in Houston in 1861

Blackburn's Recollections

 Lieutenant Sparks, who had belonged to the United States army if I mistake not, came authorized to administer the oath of allegiance to the Confederate States and enroll us as her soldiers. A little incident happened at the time which showed the feelings and determination of the men. They were lined up on three sides of a hollow square (as I now remember). The enrolling officer in the center asked this question, "Do you men wish to be sworn into service for twelve months or for three years or for during the war ?" With a unanimity never surpassed, a shout unheard of before, that whole body of men shouted, "For the war," "For the war !" not one expecting or caring to return until the war was over, long or short, and the invaders had been driven from our borders. And now the regiment is ready for service, as fine a body as ever mustered for warfare. The majority of them were college boys, and cowboys, professional men, men with finished education, men just out of college, others still under-graduates, men raised in the saddles, as it were, experts with lariat and with six shooters, and not a few from the farm, from the counting houses and from shops.


Cousin Jesse Sparks had not in fact been in the Army earlier.

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