Tuesday, May 17, 2016

April 13 Sanders went Fascistic, Lying to the Crowd ["Unqualified"] and inciting it to Fury--and Adulation of Him

Sanders may have thought Hillary Clinton had called him unqualified or he may have merely taken the notion from the Washington POST headline, but it was a lie, and he used it to inflame the crowd, and he never apologized for it.

That moment I saw that Sanders, never a Democrat, never concerned with the Party, and never a popular man, was suddenly puffed up with the adulation of the crowd and with his own vanity. Lying worked for him.

Now in Nevada we see just how he has inflamed those to whom he has promised everything, everything, all for free. And he has not repudiated the violent thuggary of his worshippers.

Remember how Carly inflamed her Robert Dear to massacre. Bernie is inflaming his followers just the same way--with lies (as Carly was lying about the faked Planned Parenthood video).

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