Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Hofbauer's wife and the short unhappy life of GGGGGGG Grandfather Holtzapfel

Was the horse her husband's?

Hans Jacob Holtzapfel was born 1662 in Gerabron, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and died June 17, 1684 in Michelfeld, Sinnshein Baden, Germany.  He married Anna Maria Margaretha Klein June 04, 1682 in Michelfeld Lutheran KB, Michelfeld,Germany, daughter of Hans Klein and Margaretha Volcker.  She was born October 27, 1658 in Michelfeld, Sinnshein Baden, Germany, and died May 05, 1684 in Michelfeld, Sinnshein
Baden, Germany.

Notes for Hans Jacob Holtzapfel:
- According to the entry of the church register of Michelfeld nr. Sinnsheim (Michelfeld Lutheran KB) this Jacob Holtzapfel was seen on 12 May 1684 by the Holfbauer's [Hofbauer's?] wife committing the act of sodomy with a horse.  He was beheaded and burned at the stake for his crime.

Anna died on May 5.
Hans was seen committing the act of sodomy on May 12
Hans was beheaded and burnt at the stake on June 17

There is more to this story

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