Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rosalynn Carter--another cousin who popped up today

So Rosalynn is a Pottenger and an Isaac, too. And Jimmy is a Terrell, which means he is kin to all my cousins who descend from my GGGGG Grandpa Joseph McGehee's first wife but not to the children of the second wife, where I fit in. I'll settle for Rosalynn.

Later, I counted. Rosalynn is a GGGGGG Grandchild of Richard Isaac and Sarah Pottenger and I am a GGGGGGG Granchild. Rosalynn is a little older, and the generations are not quite parallel.

In this South, this is kin.

Jeff Carter's book is too expensive for me to buy. I wish all the index had been put on Google Books!

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