Saturday, January 24, 2015

General John Butler in 1781--New Piece in JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

My problem with being a boy historian is that I have to clear bushes out of the way before I can do what I want to do, which is to write about the men my GGGG Grandfather Ezekiel Henderson rode with (as best I can establish) in the last couple of years of the Revolution. He does not say he rode out against David Fanning, but the names of his officers indicates that he did, so I am tracking individual soldiers and officers. Then it became necessary to write about how David Fanning changed after he got his fancy Red Coat but before that I had to deal with the inept General Butler who should have retaken Governor Burke in 1781 and with how DF got to Charleston when he finally decided to leave and then you need to write about the significance and the great faults of Governor Burke and to write about verifying Fanning's Narrative and then to deal with false reports of Fanning's raids in South Carolina in 1783 but I am reaching the point of wanting to work on ORNERY PEOPLE, the actual writing of it. I think it has to be chronological.

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