Monday, January 26, 2015

Cousin Hight C. Moore, move aside for Warfields including Wallis and F. Scott Fitzgerald

A couple of years ago I noticed that the wife of the chairman at USC in the 70s was posting on my Hill site and it turned out we were cousins all the time without knowing it. We are both Clarkes from a sister of the mother of Richard Warfield which meant, to our chagrin, that we were stuck with Wallis as a cousin. I just noticed that we are also stuck with F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Well, I co-wrote a terrific piece long ago on TENDER IS THE NIGHT and a now-chaired professor stole my copy of THE GREAT GATSBY and published a confused article from my very clear interleaved teaching notes.
Distant cousin of ours, Muriel. I am so sorry that you can't claim cousinship to Hight C. Moore.
Or can you?
Will my copy of THE GREAT GATSBY appear in my mailbox?

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