Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Costner Men Are Not Alcoholics--They Need all their Mother-Wit

My father [Max H. Hoyle] told me that the reason we were an outstanding sober family was due especially to Margaret Costner Hoyle's teaching. In that day everybody made whiskey, but she said repeatedly to her boys: "Every one of you needs all your mother-wit; now don't befuddle your brain with whiskey." With her it was not a moral issue, but a practical common sense one.  ELIZABETH HOYLE RUCKER, History of the Hoyle Families and the Families into which they Married (1938?).

Sister of Jacob, Peter, and Thomas Costner, Margaret Costner Hoyle (1745-1821) was the mother of 13 children including these abstemious sons: Peter, Andrew, John, Jacob, Adam, David, and Solomon.

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