Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Curious Way the News about Eric Cantor Came

I was reading the highly scientific piece PuffHost on how the male face may have evolved to endure fist fights when I noticed two intriguing sidebars. The top one was Breaking news about Eric Cantor's defeat, obviously a hoax, and the second was about a father's taking a baseball bat to a teacher who sent his daughter inappropriate messages. A political junkie, I decided to check out the hoax first. I went to Google News and all the stories were about Cantor's being far ahead. I went back to the sidebar link. I wish I had saved a screen shot, because the article started out seriously about Cantor being defeated but the very last 2 lines of the article declared that Cantor had won. I went back to Google News and by then the word was in that Cantor had lost. So the article in the sidebar link was partly fixed but no one took time to read through to the uncorrected ending. How we get our news. I should have tweeted Rachel.

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