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How easy to confuse one war with another, one Thos Bicknell with another

View Tree for Thomas BicknellThomas Bicknell (b. 1763, d. Aft. 1833)
Thomas Bicknell (son of Samuel Bicknell and Elisabeth Fitzpatrick) was born 1763 in Albermarle Co., VA, and died Aft. 1833 in Madison Co., KY. He married Mary Matheson.
 Includes NotesNotes for Thomas Bicknell:Thomas served with Reeder in the War of 1812. Thomas promised to take care of his wife should Reeder die. Reeder did die from wounds in the war at the Kings Mountain Battle. Bicknell's wife died soon after as well. Bicknell married Reeder's wife after Mary's death. Nancy Reeder was a full-blooded Indian that had been raised in the Bicknell family as a step-sister.Thomas probably went over the Cumberland Pass to Kentucky about the same time as the John Hendron's to avoid so much inter-marriage. Altogether Thomas had 23 children between the two wives.More About Thomas Bicknell:
Military: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Well, Mr Reeder did not die in the War of 1812 from a wound suffered at Kings Mountain. Thomas Bicknell may well have married his comrade's widow, wherever Reeder suffered his wound.

Now, another Thomas Bicknell was the husband of my Aunt Rachel Sparks, and he was mortally wounded at Kings Mountain in the Revolutionary War. Pregnant, leaving children in Wilkes County, she came to Burke County (where he had been carried in a litter and left) and nursed him until he died on the last day of 1780. In her mid-90s (in the 1850s) she had hell's own trouble trying to get a bit of a pension from the bureaucrats in charge.


Horse litter, one man said. Why not use 4 Tory prisoners, all to be shot if one dropped his rod?

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