Friday, June 2, 2017

The Warrens--ancestral channel crossings and Virginia sins

One of the more interesting lines on my father’s side is the one that starts in this continent with John Warren. The Warren DNA chart has has more than 30 oldest known ancestors of living Warrens, going back to the 1600s. The line mixes with a Hackley line early on, so I get to be a cousin of Stonewall Jackson, but it goes directly from Warren to Moore to Coker to Glenn to Rogers to Parker. It includes uncle Lott (Lancelot) and his half brother Joseph Payne, so that Joe’s male descendants are really Warrens, and grandpa was rightly fined for adultery. The really funny oldest known ancestor line on the chart comes from a fellow living now in France: “Rodulf II de Warenne born around 1017 in France,” in time for him or a son to have made the crossing with William. When I think of Rodulf and Joe Coker in northern Arkansas I am glad I am working only with people on this continent.

P. S. Would you believe you can Google Rodulf II and find it alleged that he fought at Hastings?

P. P. S. Well, I fooled around a few more minutes and it looks as if there were a lot of dead ends for masculine succession. I am a little dubious about the living Frenchman's claim to go right back to Rodulf II. However, just ask the living Payne men how the Warren DNA can go right down!

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