Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The skeleton crew of surviving students of Hayford is finishing [HAS FINISHED] the 15th of 15 volumes of THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE. So that's about over, and should be out in 1917. I am working on the copy-edited manuscript of the 3rd Norton Critical Edition of MOBY-DICK [AND PROOFREAD IT FOR 7 WEEKS IN MARCH, APRIL, AND MAY]. So that will be out in 2017. I did a little thing on Melville's reputation for a Cambridge U P book that should be out in 2017. I have a piece on North Carolina Women Who Talked Back to the Tories which should come out this month [IT CAME OUT IN 2017], maybe before I turn 81, in the webzine JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Yesterday [10 NOVEMBER] I submitted another piece to the JAR on the Tory troops as sexual predators [THIS ALSO CAME OUT, IN 2017]. I have other pieces in mind [I HAVE PUBLISHED ANOTHER NOT MENTIONED HERE ON JOSEPH GRAHAM AS HISTORIAN AND HAVE ANOTHER SUBMITTED ON AVENGING FRANCIS BRADLEY] including one with a title "What Was Wrong With Hanging Tories?"--because Benjamin Cleveland got in trouble for that, as did others over in Virginia. [I HAVE THIS WEEK STARTED WORKING ON HANGING TORIES.] Do you begin to see how deeply in denial I intend to be for an indefinite period? It feels like home back here in the 1770s. Sometimes searching a given topic (not chosen to give this result) I get 25 hits which include 5 or 6 cousins or uncles. We belong in this country and maybe I understand why 85% of the descendants of these men voted the way they did. But why could you shoot a Tory and not hang his brother? That will take some more research. [BUT IN 2017 I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO "ORNERY PEOPLE"--TO GIVE HALF PAGE OR PAGE GLIMPSES OF 500 OR 600 FAMILY MEMBERS FROM THE 1600S ON TO THE PRESENT. I HAVE OVER 1000 GLIMPSES IN A FILE NOW, MOST OF THEM NOT SHORTENED, BUT THERE, IN MORE OR LESS CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, TO BE ARRANGED MORE PRECISELY. NOW ON WITH WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HANGING TORIES. I CAN LIVE IN DENIAL AS LONG AS RACHEL MADDOW CAN LIVE WITHOUT MY WATCHING HER.]

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