Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stalwart words from an old Virginia soldier in the Revolution, now in Kentucky

S/ Samuel Hackney

My Occupation is that of an Ordinary Country Shoemaker – I am now becoming old my wife has for many years lived apart from me and according to the best of my information resides in the State of Virginia.  My children are all above twenty-one years of age and reside in the same State, with my wife. I am perhaps as healthy as is usual for men of my age. And I would not say that I could not possibly subsist without the aid of Government.  I have no blood relations near me to minister unto me in case of disease and to supply my wants in case of need except the disinterested friendship of Strangers, they are Kentuckians and will not suffer the Old soldier of the revolution who spent a great portion of the prime of life in the service of his Country to pine in disease and want: but this the generosity of individuals: not the gratitude and munificence of the Government.

Sworn to and declared on the 17th day of November 1823 before the Court J Benjamin

transcribed by Will Graves
Hackney was about 63 years old

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