Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Hasten the Death of the San Luis Obispo TRIBUNE Even Faster

We stayed with the TRIBUNE as it got skinnier year by year and as we went through a year with delivery at 9 when there was delivery and made our routine call to the automated number where the chipper voice assured us that record was kept of complaints so if we had ever had a problem before (only every day) the chipper voice would straighten the carrier out.

We had a perfect carrier of a skinnier paper the last few months then no paper Sunday. I wanted the paper this Sunday because the obits are there, usually, and because an Amgen race was coming. No paper even after chipper assurance.

Monday was UPS for box back to Norton.

Tuesday was freedom, the first day of the rest of my life, but also Amgen day. No paper. Got through to a purported human being who said tough but we will add 2 days to your subscription.

"We will add 2 days to your subscription" is perhaps the very best way of making sure no one who hears that message will renew a subscription. We do not want two more days in the indefinite future. We wanted to know when traffic would be tied up by the Amgen race, that day.

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