Friday, May 5, 2017

From the Journal of the American Revolution interview with Gary G. Shattuck

What a pleasant surprise this morning--after being up 4 am to 515 am proofreading MOBY-DICK

Other than your own contributions, what are some of your favorite JAR articles?
Just recently, Hershel Parker’s piece on the outrages committed by Tories in the south caught my eye and I think that those kinds of articles are desperately needed.  Too many people have grown up with stars in their eyes over the escapades of the Patriots (or, if you were British, traitors) and I think it is an overblown estimation.  Those articles that focus on the day-to-day challenges of colonists, acknowledging the very real, human aspects of their actions (both good and bad) are the ones that I most enjoy.  I don’t think the critical audience really cares to hear more of the bravado that “Fourth of July” kinds of stories offer, but, rather, look to those that challenge their perceptions and engage their innate empathy.

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