Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders--the Good Ralph Nader?

Between the two of them, and a few members of the Supreme Court, Maureen Dowd and Ralph Nader gave us  possibly 9/11 (which would not have happened, maybe, if W had not been cowboying it at Crawford) and certainly gave us the Iraq war.

Now I wonder about the young people in Iowa, first time voters, flocking to Sanders. Do they assume they will live forever and judge him by themselves? 73, 74, 75--age is just a number, eh? Look at his passion!

Reagan? Well, how many people at 80 coast by on conversational formulas but are a little slow to respond to new situations? Is Reagan your model, oh youth of Iowa?

Maybe all the young voters of Iowa have living high-functioning octogenarian grandparents and a good number of great grandparents all shoveling snow off their driveways and writing dazzling poetry outside and making money by day-trading as soon as they get back inside. Maybe none of them have heard of "assisted living."

Maybe even a good passionate man can be a good Ralph Nader, not a malignant narcissist, and still do damage. Maybe. Now, Elizabeth Warren . . . .

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