Friday, December 18, 2015

Scottish Literary Review on Jane Millgate

The 1978 book, Editing Nineteenth-Century Fiction, shows how important
Millgate has been to developing and intertwining scholarly communities, too. In her
introduction to papers given at the Conference on Editorial Problems, Millgate deftly
addresses the variations of method that might be expected in this formative moment for
major editions. Hershel Parker, as recently as 2013, refracted the energy, enthusiasm
and commitment of that conference as a community. He touted in particular “Millgate’s
Great Essay on Scott’s THE SIEGE OF MALTA,” “still the best study of “a document over
which its author did not have full mental or physical control.’” Millgate’s, he reminds
us, is pioneering work—not just in editing, or in the formative discipline of disability
studies, but in linking scholars and expanding fields.

From Caroline McCracken-Flesher's part of the tribute.

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