Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finishing the last "Historical Note" in the Final Volume of THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE

Bob Sandberg, who has been heroically transcribing Melville's poetical manuscripts, has been heroically criticizing my "Historical Note," now only a few back and forth emails from being OK to go. Well, the edition started in 1965 and with any luck will be completed in 2016, only a few years after we started. Sandberg is one of Hayford's younger students. Now he is retired and thinking of buying a house up north in a town where one of my Bell cousins, a 50er if not a 49er, built the first Court House.
I look over at a wooden waste box I picked up at the Northwestern warehouse in 1965. Got a nice square wooden one that has another 50 years of active life to go, unlike some of us.

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