Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blindsided by MidSomer Murders--

This is the time of year for counting the newly dead and remembering those longer dead. I pass daily by reminders of Maurice Sendak and Cousin Ben Tindall (how he would have loved sharing my new cache of documents from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History!). Last night watching an episode of MidSomer Murders I was blindsided when Tom Barnaby went into the archives of a library. I cried out in pain, and my companion understood why, for she knew the particular photographs I was reminded of. Jay Leyda 1986. And Brian Higgins 1986---Brian who did not call me on my birthday this year and did not send a Christmas card.

Basement, Troy Public Library. Want to know what Jay said? He said, "I would rather be working here than in the Pierpont Morgan Library." What he's doing is reading a new review of MOBY-DICK found by Parker using a version of the Leyda Wand.

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