Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Astounded at How Easy Some Research Is Now, On the Internet. Cousin Milton Walker Sims, We Know Where You Were

For years I made forays across the country to the NYPL Annex on 43rd past 11th to use paper newspapers and microfilms for as long as I could stay in NYC, a few days at a time. Now when I see someone citing an article in the March 27, 1865 Houston Tri-Weekly, I look in a couple of newspaper databases then say to myself, what the hell and go to Google and type in

Houston Tri-Weekly March 27, 1865

and in moments I am printing an article headed "Headquarters Sims' Regiment T. M. V."

This morning I had Cousin Milton picking up the Empress Carlotta's glove [Carlotta or Carlotta or Charlotte, first cousin to Queen Victoria, first cousin to Prince Albert) and kissing it before he offered to hand it to her. Same year.  What a difference a few months makes! And when did Milton enter Mexico? Why, July 22, 1865, of course. The Internet Tells Me So.

Do I know the heart and soul of Cousin Milton? Well, maybe not, but that 7 column article by the pre-eminent Texas journalist Charles L. Martin, the one no scholar has cited, gets me closer.

I always told my students that all they had to do was to put out their hands.

Now I would tell them not to forget to stand up and stretch every half an hour or so.

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