Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A friendly offer to the leader of the failed recall effort in Morro Bay

The Old Guard was so upset at being voted out of office that they launched a recall effort in which those from the Dark Side accused the new mayor of rejecting their plan to built a water treatment plant right close to the beach.  The Coastal Commission had made it clear all along that the Old Guard was not going to get away with putting the plant where a good high tide would flood it. The San Luis Obispo TRIBUNE, which had foolishly supported the Old Guard in the election before last, finally made it clear how misguided the recall people were. The Recallers called their group "Morro Bay Forward" apparently not realizing that the true name was the one I used in today's letter. What a bunch. Such spleen! What ugly letters they wrote to all the papers! Even the TRIBUNE had to point out false statements in their advertising, and a Coastal Commissioner protested against having her position misrepresented.

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