Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Battle of New Orleans item: My Uncle John Pyle's brother Nick--Back when Men Could be Ashamed

My Aunt Sarah Brashear was the wife of the younger Dr. John Pyle, who lost an eye in his father's Hacking Match at the hands of the men of Light Horse Harry Lee. The family thinks that the Nicholas as a quite old man rushed to join in the War of 1812 and served through the Battle of New Orleans. My Uncle John, like Nicholas, also ended up in Illinois, first going to western South Carolina after the War with many formerly Loyalist Brashears and his brother-in-law, my Grandfather Ezekiel Henderson, a patriot to survived to enjoy his 1832 pension, and who married Sarah's younger sister Elizabeth.

18. NICHOLAS6 PYLE (JOHN5, SAMUEL4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born 1748 in Pennsylvania, and died 1829 in Sangamon, Illinois. He married ANN BLACK, daughter of HANS BLACK and AGNES. She was born 1750 in South Carolina, and died 1834 in Sangamon Co, Illinois.

Notes for N
Moved to Christian Com KY, then in 1817 to Ill. "History of Sangamon Co,
Ill, p.747 & 1059, came w/ sons Alfred & Thompson. He was shunned by his 
neighbors because he was the son of a TORY. On the out break of the War of
1812, he was one of the first to volunteer in the defense of that county
against which his father had fought. He was with Andrew Jackson at the Battle
of New Orleans, and deported himself so gallantly as to compel the admiration
of all who knew him.

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